At the years end I see the list of “notable people” that have passed this year. Not to disparage their deaths, I think about the Firefighters & Policemen that have lost their lives in service to their communities. Fire Brothers in Blue Police The media concentrates on the famous & ignore the pillars of our communities. Thank you for your service & my sympathy to your families for their sacrifice and loss.


Pet Rescue

The humanity of Firemen is illustrated in this video. Respect for life of all God’s creatures! I am proud to know and to have worked with these men. “I can think of no more stirring symbol of man’s humanity to man than a Fire Engine” —Kurt Vonnegut— View the video


Click for a short video from a fire scene. The closest fire company, Ladder 10, was not dispatched on this run. When the company level officer at the station heard a fire engine drive by their quarters he called dispatch and was told that they were not assigned to that incident because they didn’t carry any water on their apparatus. Duhhh. Guess ladders aren’t a requisite item any more. This is just the beginning of what’s yet to come in the near future for this 3rd world city. As an aside here, I have seen firefighters badly injured when jumpers landed on them. Can’t see them coming thru the smoke and often times they are bailing out from higher up than second floor level.