Squad 4 Transports

Squad 4 Transports: No EMS Available


2 thoughts on “Squad 4 Transports”

  1. I’m proud of our Detroit fire fighters. I don’t care what anyone says, they respond swiftly all the time, since i was a kid and I’m 33 now. I want to thank my fire fighters. Thanks!!!!!

  2. I just watched “Burn”.
    I promise you guys, if I had it, I would give you a million dollars, and I mean I would give it to YOU, not “leadership”!!!!!
    I so, so wish I could!!
    I CAN pray!
    Father God, please, please protect these amazing HEROES!! Protect their hearts from the pain they see every day, from the stupid decisions OTHERS make that affect them!
    Please wrap Your Arms of strength, protection, Supreme Power and love, around each and every one of these men and their families.
    In Jesus Name,

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