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The D.F.D reaches back through time and across history, and links directly with key events, fires, and changes that are milestones of Our City. For a Department to come together, to be a family, to be a fighting unit, they have to have a story, a heritage, and a past…the firemen of the D.F.D. have that

We have men and women that are willing to fight, to be injured, and to die for something tha.

..t is greater than they individually are. This is the record of the D.F.D. This is the proud tradition and tremendous honor of being counted as the best firefighters in the country.

The years, names, and faces of the firemen may change, but what’s in our hearts and minds never changes. We are here for each other, the guy behind you who grabs your coat in the darkness and heat and says “we got this”, we are here for all of our wives, families, and friends who share in our sacrifice, and we are here for those we protect, in a city where everything else has failed them.

We prevail through these most difficult times not by blame, or looking backwards, or complaining, but by STANDING TOGETHER. Look ahead, protect ourselves and each other, and bring Our Department closer.

Mike Carrol